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The State of Florida, Agency for Healthcare Administration has formulated a licensing process under Florida

statutes 400.990-400.995. This law sets guidelines and requirements under which medical clinics/medical offices

can obtain a bi-annual Health Care Clinic license.


The process sets up a strong differentiation between facilities owned by physicians and those owned by non-physician individuals. After completing a submitting a detailed application, the facility will be required to undergo a comprehensive inspection.


The inspection will include twelve specific areas of concern which include but are not limited to:

  • Structure of Medical Director responsibilities

  • Facility policy and procedures

  • Staff personnel files

  • Procedural forms, logs and charts

  • Patient medical records

Meeting all these AHCA requirements is a time consuming, difficult task. TMC has developed a program which

makes AHCA compliance a convenient, economical process. An experienced TMC consultant will guide you through

this process, create all the required manuals, forms, agreements, posters and signs. In short, TMC will make the

process convenient and economical.

Call TMC today to discuss how we can help you meet this important State requirement. TMC is the simple answer

to a complex problem.

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