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In 1987 the Federal Government passed legislation designed to protect healthcare workers from the increasing dangers of HEPATITIS B, HEPATITIS C and AIDS. Today the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all healthcare providers to comply with this legislation. Failure to comply can result in substantial fines as high as $7,000.00 per infraction.

Fines can also be implemented by the State of Florida which has developed an extremely comprehensive law

governing the creation, storage and disposal of Bio Medical Waste. Unlike OSHA who inspects on an as needed basis, DOH will inspect every health care facility annually.

In early 1993 Total Medical Consultants was founded to provide a consulting service which addresses the

compliance needs of the healthcare community. TMC’s innovative approach to compliance requirements provides a unique solution to these difficult, time consuming and complex regulations. The TMC “System” was created to simplify the compliance process into a format that can be implemented quickly, efficiently and economically.


The TMC “System” encompasses all elements of compliance including employee training, creation of Exposure Control and Hazardous Communication Plans, development of a Safety Data Sheet library and the appropriate labeling of all chemicals and Biohazardous Waste. In addition, the System addresses all State Biomedical Waste requirements.


In 2014 OSHA implemented major changes in the Hazardous Communications section of the OSHA regulations. They changed the name of the Material Safety Data Sheets to Safety Data Sheets and developed a standard format for all manufacturers. TMC now provides the SDS library on a disc for our clients convenience. They also launched a new labeling program known as the Global Harmonzied System with Hazard Pictograms. Both of the changes are included in the TMC program.

The TMC program is backed by a written service agreement and an ongoing consulting service which will keep your practice up-to-date on all changes in the law.

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions to see if you are OSHA/DOH compliant:


  • Have all employees received the required annual training?

  • Do you have training documentation for the past three years?

  • Do you have Infection Control, Hazard Communication and Emergency Action Plans? Have they been updated within the past 12 months?

  • Do you have a BMW Protocol and proof of in-service training?

  • Does your practice have the latest post exposure protocols in the event of a needlestick?

  • Are all required posters, forms and documentation displayed in proper areas?

  • Does your chemical labeling properly identify all physical and health hazards?

  • Are your employees prepared for an OSHA/DOH inspection today?

TMC has created an OSHA/DOH compliance program that will ensure that your facility meets these regulations.


Our System Includes:

  • Developing and implementing your Exposure Control, Hazardous Communication and Emergency Action Plans

  • Development of your SDS Library

  • Labeling all hazardous chemicals to meet Right-to-Know laws

  • On-site staff training

  • Annual inspections and manual updates

  • Ongoing support

  • Supervision of the completion of the BMW permit application

  • Provide the required annual staff training

  • Provide the required Bio Medical Waste Protocol and Staff Training

  • Create and implement the required administrative procedures for your facility

Contact TMC today to learn more about our OSHA/Department of Health program.


Remember, TMC is the simple solution to complex problems!

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