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The State of Florida requires office-based operating rooms to obtain various forms of accreditation. This accreditation communicates your commitment to the highest level of patient care to the appropriate agencies, your community and your patients.

By utilizing the services of a highly trained TMC consultants, the extensive accreditation process can be reduced to a program that can be implemented in a convenient cost-effective manner.

Having TMC involved in the earliest planning stages can make your design, budgeting and general planning easier and more convenient. Since the inception of the Board of Medicine licensure requirements, TMC has been working with leading Physicians to insure their compliance with these complex regulations.

Our program consists of:

  • Guidance through the initial planning stages

  • Design and layout concepts

  • Equipment purchasing advice

  • OR Manual

  • All surgical forms

  • Staff training

  • Risk Management

  • Application/Credentialing Assistance

  • Signs & Posters

Call TMC today for further information or to set up a no-obligation consultation. TMC is the simple answer to a complex problem.

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